Buy, Trade, Consign

Do you have a club you no longer use and want to upgrade or do you have a set of new or used clubs you’d like to sell but don’t have the venue to do it?

At ProGear Golf, we accept consignment for your brand new or used equipment. When you consign your clubs with us, we refurbish them and display them in the shop for their new owner to find. When your equipment is sold, we contact you so you can come to the shop and collect your money from the sale. We also buy or accept trade-in for certain brands and models of clubs in very good condition.

You can give us a call, send us a message here, and/or bring your clubs to the shop so our personnel can assess your equipment for buying, trading-in, or consignment.

Golfsmithing Services

The demand for Golfsmithing services has been on the rise over the past few years due to the development of new technology. Here at ProGear Golf, we make these services available to our customers at great prices.